Desirae Wilkerson


Desirae is the owner and principal designer at M.O.I. Designs, an interior design studio specializing in residential and boutique commercial interior design. Desirae is an absolute believer that good design matters in the way we live and work within our spaces. Without good design that includes: functionality, color, proper furniture placement, adequate storage and harmonious finish selections, it's hard to be comfortable and truly happy in your surrounding space. Every space has potential and every space can be functional, unified and balanced while expressing creativeness and personality. She is an out-of-the-box thinker with a keen eye for color and creative, organized space layouts and with the help of trusted local builders and quality vendors, she will hands on transform your space into one with character, class and beauty.

Desirae grew up in the Seattle area and attended Bellevue College for interior design. She loves beautiful spaces, baseball and currently resides in West Seattle with her husband and 3 children, Milo, Oliver and Iona.