Color Consultation Process


Color is the backdrop to any good design. Color integrates a dramatic or subtle element to your surroundings and truly paves the way to create a harmonious flow from room to room. We feel it is important for our clients to understand the process we follow with every color project and to know that by having a structured process of which to follow we are ready to achieve our clients visions when it comes to their spaces and walls.

the design process

information gathering

  • we learn about your needs, wants, likes and dislikes through our online color consult questionnaire-this form is filled out and returned before our first meeting.
  • from the information gathered, we will pre-select a few color choices to begin.
  • we will set up a meeting with you for a walk-through, discussion and to select paint colors.

the meeting

  • we will review your space/s including: existing furniture pieces, accessories, artwork and colors and pattern in the home.
  • we will review our pre-selected colors and take a closer look at the variety of colors the designer will bring with them (sometimes a color you think you may not like turns out to look amazing in your space-it happens!).
  • we will "walk through" your space/s with colors and try them on by observing how they look and feel in different parts of the space and under different lighting.
  • we will refine your color scheme and place an order for large samples to be sent to your home.

We ask that after you receive your color samples, you live with them for at least 24 hours and observe the colors in all aspects of light, natural, artificial, ambient-this will really give you a sense of how the colors will look in your space/s under all moods. If further refinement is necessary, we will choose one more selection for each space for you to observe.

after the meeting

  • we will review all color choices and put together a palette.
  • we will order all color samples-one set will be sent to you for observation and the other to the designer for reference.
  • we will provide simple room drawings with color choices if necessary.
  • once colors are chosen we will provide you with a  notebook containing all samples, room drawings and a detailed chart of paint information including: specific areas of application, sheet type and estimated amount of paint needed.
  • we are happy to provide a referrals for a painter in your area if needed


We won't leave your hanging! If you have any questions or concerns after the consultation is over and paint selections have been chosen, please feel free to contact us. Since we are familiar with your space and everything around it, we can answer any additional questions you may have.

pricing and payment

We begin the color consultation the minute we receive your questionnaire. We ask that payment be made at the time of the consultation. Pricing is based on the scope of work determined by questionnaire and initial emails and/or phone calls. We generally charge a flat fee of $350 for 2 hours up to 3 rooms and $75 per additional rooms. The consultation includes follow-up work after our meeting. We also base our pricing depending on the number of rooms that will need color.

Additional work or add-ons outside of the original scope will be charged hourly at a rate of $115