The Design Process


Interior design is a process that involves much more than just choosing the right furniture pieces, lighting and color. It involves planning, budgeting and creative problem solving, as well as a special designer/client relationship full of communication, trust and a clear understanding of both parties needs. We feel it is important for our clients to be aware of the process we follow with every project and to know that by having a structured process we are ready to achieve our clients vision when it comes to their design projects. We always want our clients to know what is coming next and to keep them involved during every phase of the design process.


the design and concept phase

information gathering

  • We learn about your needs and wants and how your space/s will be used. We develop a vision together and discuss your style and inspiration for your space/s.

  • We estimate a budget and begin developing a timeline for project completion

  • We will send out a proposal for design fees based on scope of project and once approved we will draw up a Letter Of Agreement which will outline your project-a deposit is required at this time to begin work.

  • Prior to our first meeting we will send out our design questionnaire to be filled out and returned. This includes valuable information for a complete understanding of your project needs.

measure and photograph

  • Before staring our conceptual design phase we will first measure and photograph the space/s for space planning purposes, furniture fit and built-in accuracy.

  • Additional measurements may be required as the project moves on once any custom items have been approved or changes have been made.

conceptual design

  • We begin refining details and completing our assessment of the space/s.

  • We begin the process of selecting room elements such as color palette, materials, furniture pieces, lighting and finalize space planning and any planned changes/additions.

  • For Kitchen and Bath Design: We begin the process of selecting room elements such as cabinet color/style, countertops, backsplash, lighting, plumbing, space planning and any changes in layout and additions.

  • With input from our first meeting, we combine our knowledge, research and experience to produce an initial concept design plan.

  • The initial presentation includes: conceptual sketches including any custom furniture pieces and built-ins, existing and proposed floor plans, furniture suggestions and recommendations for textiles, wall treatments, flooring and other materials related to your project (fixture and finish selections for Kitchen and Bath Design).

  • We will take in all feedback and refine the plan for your final approval

design development

  • Develop any detailed design drawings that pertain to your project including special features, custom furniture designs, built-ins, room layouts and furniture selections.

  • Final presentation of design concepts, materials and specifications.

  • For Kitchen and Bath Design: Develop detailed floor plans, wall elevations, notes for contractor and a list of specifications (cabinets, fixtures, finishes, appliances and any additional materials or related items).

  • Final budget proposal for your approval.

* implementation and contract administration

  • Begin the purchasing and procurement phase

  • Upon approval of the master design plan, construction begins (if applicable), request fabrication of custom pieces and order or purchase any remaining items we have agreed to include

  • We monitor the process very closely and keep you updated on backorders, delivery status and provide project management services and supervision of deliveries and installations.

  • Contractors are recommended based on the project. We work closely with your contractor by making pre and post construction meetings and on-site visits during this phase. Our goal is to ensure the design intent is properly fulfilled and the quality of work meets the highest standards.

* evaluation and final walk-through

  • After installation we walk through your space/s with you to ensure that all items are complete and correct.

  • At this time we discuss any concerns, questions or comments you may have and make certain your requirements have been met.

  • If any details remain we will follow up on our final punch list with vendors, contractors or sub-contractors if necessary

* This phase is not included in your project unless agreed upon beforehand. Additional hourly fee is required.

the procurement phase

Once we arrive at the purchasing and procurement phase of your project (and an agreement has been made to include this in the scope of the project), we are very much involved in the ordering process. This is a busy time for the designer but may seem like a slow time for the client (waiting!). The process is complex and time consuming and our responsibilities are diverse. We utilize our skills and take full advantage of our relationships with vendors and manufacturers to make sure orders are processed completely and efficiently. A general summary of this process helps to illustrate exactly how we accomplish translating a room from concept to reality.


  • We explore the options for each piece of furniture required including all fabrics, trims, finishes, colors and sizes.

  • Upon final approval, we begin the ordering process


  • Proposals are prepared detailing style, size, finish and fabric (if applicable) and any other pertinent information for each item to be ordered.

  • Request quotes from vendors for each piece, checking stock and availability to ensure delivery times will fit into required schedule.

  • We then print and send prepared proposal showing the price, description and deposit required to place the order. Proposals will include photographs and fabric samples if appropriate and possible.

order processing

  • Upon receipt of your signed proposals and deposit, we prepare purchase orders and submit the order to our vendors.

  • Communication between us and each vendor is very important. We are careful to discuss any detailed drawings and changes, finishes, fabric selections, acknowledgments of accuracy and updating delivery status.

  • When the order is nearing completion, we ask the vendor for status updates and invoicing.

  • We prepare a final invoice for you verifying records for accuracy and updating any additional packing, receiving and freight charges.

receiving, delivery and installation

  • After an item has shipped and balance paid in full, we arrange for shipping to you (if applicable) or to one of our receiving warehouses.

  • Each item that shipped to a receiving warehouse is fully inspected as it arrives for damage then placed into storage until delivery.

  • When any construction is completed and the space/s is ready for furniture, we schedule a delivery date with you and the delivery company. Someone from our firm is present at the time of delivery to direct placement and installation of each item in its designated place. **please note that if you are receiving some goods yourself a detailed floor plan is provided so that you can place the items yourself or wait until a designer is present to help with installation. If damage occurs please contact your designer ASAP as many companies have very short return periods.

  • All artwork and mirrors must be placed by either you or an installer provided by our firm. All window treatments and hard wired lighting are to be hung by a qualified installer. We will lay rugs, arrange small furniture pieces and adorn the home with accessories if required.

  • A second installation for lamps and accessories typically follows the primary delivery of furniture and other large items.