Wallingford Basement Remodel

A beautiful home in the heart of Wallingford....and nice big basement with huge potential! This family needed room to expand so they made the choice to turn their basement into a beautiful lower level apartment for a family member. Construction had already began and we were called in to select finishes and lighting for the kitchen, bathroom, flooring, walls and to come up with some clever solutions for a few spots that needed storage. The outcome exceeded our expectations! Once a dark, unfinished basement is now a light, bright space for everyday living. The white finish of cabinets and countertops, as well as the vintage touches of jar lighting and rich, dark hardwood turned the kitchen and overall space into a place that doesn't even look like it's partly below the foundation. The bathroom walls in a light green with marble tile and reclaimed shelving create a warm and inviting space. We are so happy we could help make this space a wonderful place to live!

Photography: Amy Johnson